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  • “Tina was the best mentor I’ve encountered in my product career. Her powerful ability to help me grow both in the professional and individual sphere of my career journey has been truly amazing.

    Tina inspired me to become a better version of myself – for myself and my teams – by providing stimulating, applicable and very practical seasoned advice.

    Her sessions also helped me structure and efficiently manage my progress towards clear professional goals. I highly recommend Tina to any individual or company wanting to take their product organization and strategy to the next level!”

    Gaia Silvestri
    Group Product Owner
  • “At Picterra, we had the privilege to spend 2 days with Tina to discuss, think and challenge our product roadmap strategy.

    With incredible ease and professionalism, she managed to understand the challenges of our sector, our product and with great subtlety, led us to build ourselves a coherent and impacting roadmap.

    Thanks to Tina, we were able to make the link between our strategic vision and the development of short-term functionalities. In addition to being a world-class product manager, Tina is super cool! We have never spent our time and money so well.”

    Pierrick Poulenas
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • “Tina was my product coach whilst I was at N26. I cannot stress enough how helpful I found my time with Tina.

    Tina really understands how it works with building products in high-pressure environments. She was able to consistently distil this experience into great teachings during our time together. 

    Tina has a great range of experience and was able to support me extensively with problems ranging from the development of product strategy and stakeholder communication, to leadership and people management. She also taught me a lot about myself and was very helpful in supporting me with personal development of myself.”

    Jack Lancaster
    Founder Plantclub
  • “I have worked with many great product managers over the years, but I can honestly say that Tina is the queen of them all.

    She has a long list of qualities, but I will highlight the three that I most important: 1. Tina never shies away from getting involved in the details. 2. She is excellent at adapting herself to get the most out of the entire team. 3. Tina is always looking to better herself in any way she can think of.

    In short, it was fantastic to work with Tina, and I hope I get the chance to work with her again. She will be a force for any company lucky enough to hire her.”

    Christian Holm
  • “Tina is a fascinating personality. Her creativity is unstoppable. She combines this with razor-sharp precision and sound judgment.

    She is extraordinarily fast and always has the implementation of her ideas in mind. Tina is amazing. It is an enlightening experience and it’s a pleasure to work with her.”

    Stephan Breidenbach
    Legal Tech Pioner | Mediator
  • “The work we did in the Erebus Project workshop-style education was quite transformational. Developing the second self was one of the most fun and insightful things I did in the spectrum of self-development work.

    Tina was an inspiring and thoughtful teacher and I look forward to learning from this practice more. I believe this practice has a great ability to help a person reach their potentials while manifesting it in a very methodical and plastic way.”

    Tanja Sliskovic
    Senior Organizational Behavior Scientist
  • “Anyone who has worked with Tina, will agree that she is among the best. She has changed my view on what a great product manager can do for a team.

    Working with Tina for a year at Podio (Citrix), I saw how she quickly gained the trust and respect of not just her own team, but all other teams, leadership and beta users. Her secret? Blowing everyone away, by taking the responsibilities of a product manager at our company to a whole new level.

    Tina isn’t just the best product manager I have worked with. She is an enabler of other people, a watchdog of a company’s course and a role model for the entire team to live up to. Hire Tina, give her space to do her “magic” and you will see that even my praise is underselling her.”

    Wouter Walmink
    Product Designer & Consultant

My name is Tina Egolf. People work with me because of my clear and unique perspective, as well as my expertise in the areas of product strategy & leadership, future of work and personal development.

Currently, I’m spending my time working on, talking and thinking about these topics:

  • The way we work and lead
  • How to build better digital product
  • Power dynamics within organizations
  • Psychological blind spots & the exploration of one’s personal potential

I prefer personal connections over digital profiles. However, if you want to find out more about my career and experience, you can find me on LinkedIn

If anything you’ve heard or seen about me sparks your interest, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn or Telegram. 


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